You can help get BETWEEN THE GATES into theatres everywhere!

We need your help to establish an email list of people all over the country that would like to see this movie.This information will be used to show potential distributors that there is an audience waiting! It’s easy! Simply enter your email on the home page under CONNECT. Have your friends do the same. Keep sharing this site on social media, and/or email to ask friends to also help spread the word! Let’s start a movement to get this movie in as many theatres as possible!

Click here for info on how to partner with us to actually make the movie!


  1. CONNECT at Enter your email to help bring the movie to theatres in your area.
  2. Be apart of the movie! Click “BE A GATEKEEPER” to get your name in the movie or meet the cast/crew!
  3. Sport the movie tshirt and hat! Pre-Order the DVD and be the first to get a copy.
  4. Create BUZZ! Tell your friends – and their friends! Start a movement!


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  2. Write a comment. Share your thoughts. Tell us your miracle stories!
  3. Share! On left side of the page, click “Share.” This will post to your own wall and suggest to friends.
  4. Check in often! Create a community of friends that rally together to tell this story. Got a question? The crew will respond. Check in often for random winners of free movie merch!


  1. FOLLOW us! If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can set one up at
  2. Tweet and ReTweet! To promote the movie, make a comment and end with @BetweenTheGates. When the movie tweets – RETWEET it. This helps get the movie in your local theatres!

Questions? Contact us at:
Questions? Contact us at:


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