Dr. Jack Hayford
President, The King's University Los Angeles
Founding Pastor, Church On The Way

"I know how absolutely true this shocking and incredible story is, and I know the couple who, today, continue to live in the miracle it relates. See “Between The Gates” ! It explodes with life-giving hope – relating an awe-filled incident of faith-in-the-middle-of-the-worst, surviving and triumphing over as vicious and violent assault as raw evil can conspire."
Ron Luce
Co-Founder and President
Teen Mania

"Steve and Becky Riggle have endured a death-defying epic that is so incredulous it tempts to think it's fiction. What they endured as a young married couple, as missionaries in the Philippines, borders as an action thriller script. The difference is this script was actually lived out by them personally. After being captured by prisoners that they went in to minister to they were, subsequently caught in a cross-fire. Both sustaining life-threatening wounds, their story borders something along the lines of Apostle Paul story.

I am so thrilled that finally, after having been in ministry for more than 30 years, this story is being put in a screenplay format so that all can be inspired by such a clear demonstration of what it means to sacrifice and shows such willingness to give even when it hurts. I encourage you now to enlist in the momentum to make sure this is the most viewed and most anticipated film for next year."
Doug Stringer
Founder and President
Somebody Cares America
Somebody Cares International

"Daily we are confronted with images that remind us of the challenges and complexities of the world we now live in. Is there any glimmer of hope to make sense out of all the tragedy? The answer is absolutely Yes! The movie, "Between the Gates" is not created in the towers of intellect or theory, but from a true life story of hope and triumph out of a horrific moment in Steve and Becky Riggle's lives. Theirs is the story of great courage and commitment beyond what would seem humanly possible.

To look at Steve and Becky Riggle's life today, most would see a successful couple who have impacted, influenced and helped untold multitudes of people throughout the globe. A successful businessman, respected church leader, as well as a recognized ambassadorial figure, few would have known the crucibles of experience that Steve and wife Becky have lived through on their journey. I believe the movie, "Between the Gates" will prove to be timely and life changing for all those who have an opportunity to see firsthand the true life story of limitless possibilities even through human tragedy. It will provide a vision of hope, bring inspiration and encouragement when so many are overcome with the sorrows of our times."
John Kilpatrick
Pastor, Church of His Presence

"I was spellbound! Upon hearing their story in a private conversation I immediately thought this must become a movie. Now you also can experience what happened to Steve and Becky Riggle "Between the Gates."
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