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John Kilpatrick
Pastor, Church of His Presence
John Kilpatrick"I was spellbound! Upon hearing their story… I immediately thought this must become a movie. Now you also can experience what happened to Steve and Becky Riggle "Between the Gates."

Dr. Jack Hayford
President, The King's University Los Angeles
Founding Pastor, Church On The Way
Jack Hayford"I know how absolutely true this shocking and incredible story is. It explodes with life-giving hope... faith-in-the-middle-of-the-worst, surviving a vicious... assault as raw evil can conspire."

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The amazing true-story of an innocent young couple kidnapped at knife-point during a trip to the Philippine Islands. What started out as a mission of mercy quickly became a fight to the death—the ultimate battle of Good versus Evil.

Steve and Becky Riggle left their two young daughters at home in California as they joined a friend to meet up with missionary, “Mommy Olga,” in Manila Bay. They entered New Bilibid Prison with fresh optimism to share their faith with the most desperate of humanity; but nothing could have prepared them for what lay Between the Gates.

Their selfless hope was met with perilous cruelty as a group of hardened murderers suddenly captured, bound and stabbed them during a botched escape. In a bloody firefight that was impossible to survive, would their faith prove sufficient to see them through these gates of hell, safely to the other side?

Steve and Becky Riggle Dan and Raven Rubottom Dan and Raven Rubottom Phil Cooke Jimmy Ray Pickens Jimmy Ray Pickens
Steve and Becky Riggle
Executive Producers
James Logan
Co-Executive Producer
Dan and Raven Rubottom
Director / Producer
Phil Cooke
Jimmy Ray Pickens
Joey Paul Jensen, CSA
Principles Casting Director
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